5 New Mirco-RPGs in Bookmarks released!

As part of the Bookmark Jam, I'm releasing 5 mico-RPGs that fit within a bookmark. I'm super pleased with how they have come out and their design overall. 

I wanted to originally release a physical bookmark reward, but the shipping costs are quite prohibitive at the moment. If there is enough general interest, I might offering it down the road. 

The bookmark games are on a special launch day (August 26th) price of $5! Afterwards, the listing will be put in its permanent pricing of $10. 

Here's a brief description of the games, which include their high-res image files (so you can print them yourselves): 

In Cafe Spies, you and another player are spies trying to deliver secret messages. But enemy agents may be lurking. Therefore, you must deliver these messages as code to one another. Find a quaint cafe and order up a drink, once you’re done with your drink, the conversation is over. 

In Forbidden Words, you must craft a new chant to the Great Old Ones. You must construct this new chant using forbidden words until you run out sanity through the inspiration of the cosmic horrors.

In Tooth & Claw Romance, you and another player play as a vampire and werewolf coming to terms with your love for each other. But the night and day separate them, except between dawn and dusk. So during those times, they recite passages from books that convey their love and affections. Can their words and feelings reach each other?


You receive a mysterious bookmark from the future. You have a chance to be a force of positive change for the future. Record your responses and share them. But make sure to pass the bookmark along. The future depends on it. 


You are an infamous phantom thief and about to pull another caper! Once you’ve picked your target, it’s time to leave them a calling card. Then it’s time to narrate how you navigate through the obstacles and make your daring escape. 


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Aug 26, 2020

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