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Reviewed this game with Game at a Glance! This game is extremely intimate and personal, and if you are to play it with someone or with a layer of characters, you will dive deep and grow closer. The candle dynamic is a delightful additional because it is a physical representation of the connection you both have. 

Highly recommend if you want a 2 player game that allows you both to be emotionally vulnerable in a safe, question driven way. 

Thank you so much for the kind review!

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Light To Your Heart is an intimate two-player-or-multiplayer, 12 page rpg that uses darkness as a device for allowing people to be more open emotionally.

It uses cards and candles for its mechanics, and there are rules for playing it both in the same room or remotely.

That said, while it uses the deck of cards to generate prompts, it doesn't spell them out. Unlike most other games I've seen of this sort, you need to come up with your own questions for your partners, and vice versa.

If you like games about intimacy, I think this is a really good addition to your library. The use of candles and darkness does a lot to create a strong mood to the game, and you could probably splice it into another two-player system if you wanted to. Alternately, you could flip the tone entirely and use the game to tell ghost stories by changing the rules to "blow out a candle when an answer is sufficiently eerie."

Overall, I'd recommend this.

Minor Issues:

-Page 5, "four candles their side of the table." on their side


Thank for the very kind review! Sorry it took so long to respond back to this, I initially went for the freeform prompts as a way for the players to have opportunities to be emotional vulnerable if they so wished and allow them to determine what they wanted to share that was comfortable to them. I really love the idea you had for turning the game to tell ghost stories, and now I have ideas spinning in my head. Thank you again! 

No worries! Candles as a game mechanic always make me think of ghost stories, and Light to Your Heart was really cool to read.