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Project: Day Breaker is part of the Constellation RPG Zine Anthology published by Hit Point Press! Go support it! (Price of the game was inflated to $999.99 intentionally.)
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Break the Daylight!

The year is 2599.  Humanity has gone to the stars and seeks to forge a new destiny. The starliner, Persephone, carries cargo and passengers on a wayward journey to a new Sol colony on the moon Io. Among its cargo are ancient relics from Earth, ecologically devastated, in the hopes of preserving humanity's legacy. Unbeknownst to the crew or passengers, a dark and sinister terror has awakened. 

Project: Day Breaker is a GM-less tabletop game where you take on the roles of a ragtag group of misfits onboard the Persephone. How will your group survive their ordeal on a ship infested with vampire spawns and the Prince of Darkness himself, Dracula?  

A wooden brick tower simulates the tension as the ship's systems break down, you face terrifying foes, and find any means to survive with a bunch of volatile strangers.  Each character moves' bring the Persephone to life while revealing more about themselves, sometimes inconveniently. 

This game was inspired by Snakes on the Plane, Hobbs & Shaw, Gackt (Daybreakers single), and Underworld. 


  • Players: 2-4 players
  • Game Time: 2-3 hours
  • Content Warnings: agoraphobia, claustrophobia, horror, possible gore, feelings of being trapped or being stalked, space, undead, vampire, vacuum of space

In this booklet you'll find:

  • The basic premise for the game
  • Setup instructions
  • Gameplay instructions
  • A list of suggested safety tools
  • 4 character playbooks
    • Play as the Swearer, the Superstar, the Messenger, or the Blood Angel
  • a Dracula Schema sheet
  • a room map of the Persephone

Help this game get Itch-funded! What your $500 USD pays for: 

  • More commissioned artwork from Auri (@the_lady_auri), which includes internal artwork and art for the playbooks
  • Hire and pay an editor 

Potential Stretch Goals include: 

  • EXPANDED RULES & EDITOR - $750 USD pays for an expansion on the rules, a short story from Dracula's perspective about awakening in a "sea of stars" and the new era. Finally, this stretch goal allows me to hire and pay an editor. 
  • 2 NEW PLAYBOOKS - $1000 USD pays for the development of 2 new playbooks, the Wicker and the Dark Monarch. In addition, Auri returns to do the new artwork for the playbooks. 
  • PRINT RUN - $2000 USD provides a pay boost for me plus it allows me to commit more to improve the layout for a zine-style print run of Project: Day Breaker. 


Buy Now$999.99 USD or more

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Project Day Breaker - Pages.pdf 7 MB
Project Day Breaker - Spreads.pdf 7 MB
Persephone Ship Map.png 110 kB
Project Day Breaker Character Sheets.pdf 109 kB

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